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Retro Dance Cake & Flowers
"Retro Dance Cake & Flowers"

Whether for a cherished loved one or an important client, Nonnie Waller's® express delivers memory making gifts for you.

All of our Southern-style pound cakes, premium chocolates and chocolate truffles are handmade in extremely small batches (we still crack each and every egg by hand). It's the way Nonnie always did it…and we're sticking to it!

Your selection will showcase Nonnie Waller's award winning delicious chocolate truffles, famous melt-in-your-mouth pound cakes, gorgeous English garden-style fresh flower nosegays and designer fabric-covered keepsake hatboxes. And, we hand-write your words on a beautiful message card.

You'll receive accolades for the elegant simplicity, freshness, and irresistible down-home charm of every Nonnie Waller's gift you send. Enjoy!

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Current Nosegay Palette

Current Nosegay Palette

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Call us at 1-800-664-0919 or e-mail us at contactus@nonniewallers.com